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Audio: Cyber currencies

In a tell of how different FSBO’s, financial services and banking organizations’, view cryptocurrencies and ICO’s, that is initial coin offerings, we can see from their leadership stark contrasts ranging from “they are frauds” to “how can they be hedged and can investment instruments devised?”

Audio: Banks, On the Edge of a Cliff

Financial services and banking organizations (FSBO’s) are at the threshold of a comprehensive remake of the business models that will likely result in targeted enterprise breakups, stranded investments in brick and mortar assets, and a rapid decline in legacy system usage.

Audio: Banks Will Go the Way of the Automobile Industry

Financial service and banking organizations are at the start of a great unwinding, and remaking of their products and services—much like the automobile, oil, and every enterprise that caters to the original American icons and the lure of the open road.

Audio: A cashless world

In a finance world seemingly obsessed with everything digital—consumers, statements, mobility, payments, compliance—the one thing that is now generating growing enthusiasm (or hype) is currency.

Audio: Coming Soon

New Audio will be published in November 2017

Audio: Coming Soon

New audio will be published in December 2017.

Press Kit Documents.

Mark Dangelo Bio

A one page bio with photo in Acrobat format.  It will open in new window.

Beyond The Technology Traps Fact Sheet

A one page fact sheet for Beyond the Technology Traps book, released 2017.  It is in Acrobat format and will open in a new window.

Beyond the Technology Traps Q&A

This is a standard question and answer (Q&A) format for the book Beyond the Technology Traps released 2017.  It is four page Acrobat file and it will open in a new window.

Beyond the Technology Traps Excerpts

Included in this Acrobat download are 22 pages of extracted content from the book.  Each extraction is between 50 to 150 words and placed on separate pages covering each of the ten chapters in the book including the Introduction.

Press Release, October 2017

Announcement of the release by Mark Dangelo and Rick Grant of Beyond the Technology Traps.

Press Release, November 2017

Coming Soon, announcement of a podcast series on avoiding the pitfalls of "cyber" panacea's.

Video Clips.

Video: Burning down the house

The time for Sea Change Shifts have arrived. From customers, to loans, to back-office operations, to financial profits, market opportunities are emerging for those willing to embrace alternative strategic thinking and initiatives—even if it means a measured destruction of what they have built for survival.

Video: tunnel vision--For the Wrong Reasons

Internal FinTech groups along with hopeful joint ventures can learn a lot from history—as the banking industry is unprepared for the billions in write downs coming as hype and hope give way to harsh realities. We’ve done this before just with different players in the executive chairs.

Video:  It's a wonder our heads don't pop

I appreciate the complexity of our financial supply chain that is fully integrated with the global reality of sub-second economic interactions. I understand why we have regulations. But sometimes, the only way to correct a system so beholden to themselves is to open it up to new players and letting the field find a new equilibrium.

Video: Coming Soon

Video coming soon in December 2017.

Video: Coming Soon

Video coming soon in January 2018.